Granot Speiser

Mergers & Acquisitions

We take great pride in our professional capabilities in provision of advisory services in a wide spectrum of corporate transactions.

We handle commercial agreements either domestic or international in various areas and sectors; infrastructure and energy transactions; real estate transactions; technology transactions; finance transactions; merger and acquisition transactions; various contractual agreements in the insurance field, and more.

Our legal team handled over the years a wide array of transactions for the firm’s clients – beginning from private transactions for small and medium-sized companies and for individuals, and through complex corporate transactions and multinational transactions.

We handle complex merger and acquisition transactions, as well as transactions for the acquisition of shares and assets, statutory mergers, purchase offers and court-approved settlements between shareholders; provide legal consulting regarding hi-tech and technology transactions; advise on energy projects and the agreements for their establishment; advice regarding finance transactions, including complex banking transactions.

Our attorneys utilize their integrative legal understanding and practical experience which covers various fields and sectors. This experience, together with the business insight and financial knowledge, turn the firm’s various departments into leading and experienced in their field.

Commercial litigation
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