Granot Speiser

Commercial litigation

When it comes to Israeli commercial litigation practice, Granot-Speiser is among the frontrunners. Our attorneys are among the leading trial lawyers in Israel, and represent Israeli and international companies, as well as key businesspeople and senior officials from the public sector, in complex civil disputes of significant value.

The extensive experience, together with the significant reputation which were accumulated throughout the years by the legal teams regarding all aspects of complex commercial disputes, make us the firm of choice for significant litigation proceedings, by the most sophisticated clients.

Our attorneys possess extensive experience in representing clients in all courts of law and tribunals, in a wide array of matters, monetary/financial and civil claims, contractual disputes, corporates’ and shareholders’ disputes, class and derivative actions, insurance disputes, tenders, capital markets disputes, D&O liability, professional liability, real-estate disputes, IP disputes, administrative law, including injunctions and requests for declaratory relief, urgent preliminary proceedings for temporary relief: injunctions, seizures, and more.

The extensive expertise and experience acquired by our attorneys in this field over the years, enable them to represent clients at any part of the legal proceeding, many of times while representing parties in complex and large-scale proceedings and appeals.

The various litigation proceedings we handled over the years, provides our attorneys with a deep and unique understanding of the proceedings and the clients’ needs, which is exhibited through the legal services provided to our clients. Our team’s legal knowledge, together with our business insight, enables our legal team to strive to resolve disputes in the shortest amount of time while utilizing the most advanced and creative legal tools.

Commercial litigation
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