Granot Speiser

Administrative Law and Tenders

At Granot-Speiser, we have accumulated several years of experience in the practice of administrative and tenders law. Our attorneys in this practice are versatile and represent Israeli and international clients before government authorities and various courts of law.

The expertise of our attorneys in this field originates, among others, from their extensive knowledge regarding administrative entities, acquired through frequent representation of administrative bodies, governmental companies, military and defense entities and public authorities in various proceedings.

Our legal team of experts advises on complex legal issues relating to administrative law, including in matters regarding to tenders, licenses, concessions and permits, antitrust, taxation, planning and construction, communications, education, infrastructure and government incentive plans.

Over the years, our attorneys took part in the setting of numerous precedents in the field of administrative law. These include precedents involving questions of judicial interpretation and the interpretation of orders and decisions of statutory authorities and committees, questions regarding the scope of the administrative discretion of tender committees, the reasonableness of tender preconditions and the standardization of tender procedures.

Among our clients in this practice area are government ministries and statutory authorities, workers’ unions, local municipalities, holding groups, governmental companies, public and private commercial enterprises, and non-profit organizations.

It should be noted that some of our senior partners serve as auxiliary legal counsels of tender committees of some of the leading corporations and entities in Israel. They provide comprehensive consulting regarding regulation and tenders, which includes drafting of tenders, review of offers made by offerors and their suitability to the tender’s preconditions, representation in proceedings for permits and authorizations of government authorities and ministries, and representation in courts of law.

Commercial litigation
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